About FLEX

SummerCamp22-01FLEX is the new name for the Reston Herndon Meeting Planners, a community which began in the 1990s and has grown to the outer reaches of our region.

We landed on the word "flex" not only because it was an apt acronym, but because it best represents our profession, as we continually adapt to changing needs, circumstances, demands from internal and external constituents, and technology.



SummerCamp22-02FLEX provides a welcoming space for meeting and event planning professionals to network, collaborate, learn and innovate. It's a culture that thrives on fostering honest conversations, listening and being candid with one another, searching for best practices...and oftentimes, making new friends and colleagues.

Our team is supportive of ALL the local and national meeting and event industry organizations. We don't view ourselves as competitors. Rather, we're partners and members, too. We want to see everyone succeed, and we want our members to find communities that are right for their needs should they choose to affiliate. MPI, PCMA, AMPs, SGMP, IAEE, and others...their leaders and members have been active with us and will continue to attend FLEX events.

Thanks to generous sponsor support, FLEX offers free membership, which includes invitations to networking breakfasts with inspiring and informational speakers and special social events. (Some programs require registration fees.) Our annual Summer Camp is filled with educational sessions, peer-led workshops, and natural camaraderie.

Welcome to FLEX!






Photo credits: Christie's Photographic Solutions